May 22, 2009

Multimedia message

Well look at this fancy new technology! I took this picture today out side of the DMV with my phone!

I've finally taken care of all the car stuff. Feels good to get that all out of the way. Sorry this post is going to be rather random. I'm at work on my lunch break...TGIF!

It has been a long emotional roller coaster of a week. I'm very glad I will be able to do lots of nothing in about 5 hours or so.

Now that I know I can post pictures from my phone, I'll be updating like CRAZY! Ok, not crazy but expect PLENTY of photos for sure. Especially tomorrow... I have a date with the San Paloma pool.

Since this blog is partially for playing catch up, I'll show you where I work and tell you a bit about what's new here. Not sure how multi-pictures works, but I just sent one of my desk... I have a fun desk :)

So I've been here about 9 months now. Still love what I do, love my coworkers, love this town. I've been pretty active in terms of trying to move ahead and prove myself I guess you could say. I've consistently been a top performer and at our last award ceremony I was one of the few in the department to be recognized for doing an outstanding job. There's some big changes going on with the company right now so over the next few months I'll be keeping an eye out for opportunities to rock my skills and get paid a bit more... one can only hope!

Love you all! More to come soon <3

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  1. 9 months already! it's like a baby. a blue-haired peeps-lovin' baby. that's a coo pic! love you and hope you get a rizaise!