February 10, 2010

Quick update!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know what's going on out here in ATX. Had a great couple of days with Scott and Melissa in town!! The weather was PRETTY cold so we didn't do a lot out on the town, but it was awesome to have time with them regardless.

At work, after finally settling down and getting to know our teams... they're switching everything up again. Yesterday we bid for our new shift times. So, in about 3 weeks I'll be on a completely different schedule.

Along the same lines, our company is hiring like crazy (side note... if you know anyone that needs a job and wants to move to Texas let me know!) So with that being said, there are now spots opening up to move into more of a management position.

I'll be submitting my application next week! And now for some pictures :)
Love you!

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