December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

 - Once I FINALLY get Christmas cards sent out, this letter will be included :) 

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope this letter finds you well. Where to even start?! Things in Austin Texas are great! This city has become my home. I love the people, the shops, the culture. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Over the past year I have made some amazing friends, discovered awesome places to eat and taken part in some extremely cool events.

Some of the highlights of this year include taking 2 trips with my boyfriend Ryan to Santa Fe, NM to spend time with his family. We did a lot of sight seeing and A LOT of eating! The food and the sunsets in NM are unbelievable. My cousin Scott and his wife Melissa moved out to Austin early this year and it has been great to have them around! In fact, Melissa is working at Blizzard Entertainment with me! I made it out to California twice this year, the first time was to celebrate my Grandma Dodee's Wedding (congrats again!) and the second to attend our company's annual convention: Blizzcon. One of my best friends Shonnon, who had moved to California, has moved back to Austin which make me all kinds of happy.

Ryan and I are simply and wonderfully happy. Our schedules at work finally line up so we have the same days off. We found a new favorite place to eat called Bombay Express. It's the best Indian food I've had since being in India! During the summer we spent lots of time poolside and floating down the river in inner tubes. In the winter we spend lots of lazy nights at home, watching some of our favorite shows like Walking Dead, True Blood and Sons of Anarchy. On November 17th Ryan's sister Rachel and her husband Patrick brought little baby Renzo into the world! He's adorable and Ryan is a very proud uncle! Ryan has also been busy DJing on the weekends via his radio station He's amazing at what he does and is always getting requests to play at parties.

Things at work (Blizzard Entertainment) have been stellar. I am now part of the Support Information team. Basically what I do now, is take the information from our Development teams and management and deliver it to the reps working in customer support. Additionally, I help maintain out internal Wikipedia and filter suggestions from the customer service reps to management regarding our policies.  Ryan is now one of the most veteran technical reps at the company and is always getting outstanding reviews from his customers. He's also working on training documentation so the wealth of knowledge he holds can be shared with newer reps.


Sarah and Ryan <3

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