August 20, 2017

72 Days...

The last time I left this island, my heart hurt. I felt as if I was leaving a part of my soul, or leaving a place which my soul yearns to be.

I arrived today at 3:45 in the afternoon,  it was warm, humid, and sprinkling,  much like it was on the day I last left here. Through a series of rather fortunate events I was introduced to Yancy,  who I am staying with for the first few days. He was kind enough, and had space in his busy schedule, to pick me up from the airport.

We had started to get to know each other over the phone and continued to do so as we ate lunch at a healthy and trendy little restaurant a few blocks away from his home. I ordered a salad with mango salsa, topped with veggie burger type nuggets, que sabrosa!

After lunch we made a trip to a local healthy grocery store. The prices of many fresh food items were shocking to me!  Seeing that instilled a deeper sense that I be a part of the "grow your own food" movement here.

 We arrived at the house, I was given a tour, and then Yancy had on his agenda to spend some time in the ocean so I followed suit.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of raindrops on your skin while swimming in a tropically warm ocean.

One of  my favorite things about Puerto Rican nights is the call of the coqui, a tiny frog that lives all over the island. I'm going to figure out a way to upload audio of them. I look forward to hearing them sing me to sleep.

 It's not that late, but my first day of school is tomorrow and I want to get up early to do yoga on the rooftop.   With the stars above me, lightning in the distance, and a song in my heart I bid you good night.




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